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Donna Corbin
Owner / Broker
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As a real estate broker in Lawrence County, TN, I take pride in knowing what the market is doing and the changes it goes through so that I can assist you on your individual real estate needs. I obtained my license in 2000, working full time from day one. After completing all my requirements for my brokers license, I then decided to branch out on my own and open my own firm. And it has been a great ride. I love my career, and I am so passionate about being the best that I can be. But most of all I enjoy working with people from all walks of life and making their dreams come true so they can live the America dream.

I was born and raised on a 120 acre farm with 3 brothers, 2 sisters, my mom and my dad in a 4-room house without running water. That sounds awful, but it wasn't. I was and am well blessed. I know what hard physical work is, and I also know the pride of seeing the fruits of your labor and that has kept me humble. But most of all, God also blessed me with three beautiful intelligent daughters and two darling grand daughters.

All this has made me a hardworking, dedicated and sincere person that works hard at treating people the way people should be treated with diginity and respect.